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The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Burning a Candle - Part 1

So  - you think you know everything there is to know about candles? Regardless of how many candles you've burned during lockdown, there are probably a few things you can learn about lighting and caring for your candles. Here at Clare Makes, I'm a candle expert and am here to show you how to best look after your lit and unlit candles. Not letting your candle reach a full melt pool Browsing a luxury candle forum recently I was surprised at how many people complained about candle tunnelling from some fairly big brands. The primary cause for candle tunnelling is not letting your candle reach the edges of the glass from the first burn. That's called a melt pool and...

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Star Signs as Candles

People look to horoscopes / star signs / zodiac signs either has serious life advice, or just a little bit of fun. Regardless of where you fall into, they can be a fun way to examine who you are as a person which is a form of self care.  I asked my friend Christine (who is a Clare Makes fan & avid horoscope reader) to tell us what our candles would be if they were star signs. Banjo: Emotional and evocative of a thunderstorm. Cancerian Banjo will wrap you in a warm hug.  Clyde: Just like a conversation with a Sagittarius, Clyde will take your mind places far and wide.  Constance: Absolutely a gemini, Constance is mutable, adaptable and will keep you...

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How To Buy A Candle (When You Can't Smell It Through Your Screen!)

How can you buy a candle and choose a scent without the product in front of you? Here are my secrets for shopping for scented candles online. We love online shopping (obviously). But it does come with its disadvantages, especially when buying products that depend on the senses. The good news is, finding the perfect fragrance shouldn't be a challenge. Here's how shop for candles online in Australia. Find the right fragrance The fragrance wheel is similar to the colour wheel that you might have studied in school. Fragrances are categorised into different scent profiles and deciding what you like starts with your own fragrance collection. Go into your existing perfume or candle collection and pick out your favourites. Google that...

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