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The Truth About Triple Scented Candles

You may have seen the words "triple scented" on a candle label before and wondered... "What does triple scented mean?"

To answer this question we have to go into how candles are made and how much fragrance oil is used when making candles.

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What is a triple scented candle?

Does it mean the candle has more fragrance oil than other candles on the market? Does it means the candle has been scented three times? Essentially, triple scenting is a marketing gimmick designed to make you think the candle is of a higher quality than it actually is..

When candles were first made, they used between 3-4% of fragrance oil. Over time, candle makers upped that percentage to 6-8%, and now some makers will use between 9-12%.

It's important to note that 10% is about the maximum that any candle can hold, and even putting up to 10% can actually make your candle burn less efficiently and therefore smell less fragrant than reducing the amount of fragrance oil. In addition to this, some fragrance oils are more concentrated than others, so 6% of one fragrance might be stronger than 10% in another.

When you see a brand advertise their candles as "triple scented" then, what they're probably suggesting is that their candle has the most amount of fragrance oil that the wax can take.

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Is there more to it?

Sometimes, candle makers will say the candle is triple scented because all three scent notes are distinct and clearly detectable. That is, the base, middle and top notes. Check out my post about scent notes to find out more.

Are Clare Makes candles triple scented?

To make each of my candles, I went through an extensive testing process that initially lasted about six months. I am also continually testing my candles to ensure they perform perfectly in different seasonal conditions. As part of this testing, I had to determine the most optimal scent load for each fragrance oil used in my candles.

I don't advertise my candles as triple scented because I disagree with the use of that term in general and I think it's deceptive.

When you buy a Clare Makes candle, you're supporting a small business and purchasing a luxury, hand poured candle that has been tested to perform at it's peak.

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