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Star Signs as Candles

People look to horoscopes / star signs / zodiac signs either has serious life advice, or just a little bit of fun. Regardless of where you fall into, they can be a fun way to examine who you are as a person which is a form of self care. 

I asked my friend Christine (who is a Clare Makes fan & avid horoscope reader) to tell us what our candles would be if they were star signs.

candles as star signsBanjo: Emotional and evocative of a thunderstorm. Cancerian Banjo will wrap you in a warm hug. 

Clyde: Just like a conversation with a Sagittarius, Clyde will take your mind places far and wide. 

Constance: Absolutely a gemini, Constance is mutable, adaptable and will keep you wondering what it is that’s exactly going on. 

Dorothea: Always the adult in the room, Dorothea brings consistency and only asks for your respect. 

Effie: A consistent stable Taurean, Effie will have you longing for your childhood holidays in the bush. A simpler, safer time. 

Elizabeth: Like a Virgo’s routine, Elizabeth will help bring things back to basics and reset.

Ellis: Ellis takes a stand and packs a punch. Complexity will linger in the air. 

Henry: Dreamy, fresh and floral. Henry will heal your addled heart like the healer that Aquarius embodied. 

Louisa: Embracing her inner Piscean Louisa is feminine, elegant and floaty. She’ll have you off daydreaming, transporting you to warm memories. 

Matilda: Like a Leo Matilda makes her presence known. She is the fresh striking glamour girl that always catches your attention. 

Miles: Bold and bright, Miles announces that they’re here to stay and they’ll do it perfectly their way -  just like every Aries you know.

Quong: Harmonising old worlds and new, Quong has a Libran sentiment balancing warmth and sophistication.

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