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Candle Questions Part 2: Wax

Your most burning candle questions, answered. (See what I did there?) Today we're taking a deep dive into candle wax and answering some questions.

For a deep dive into candle wax, what it is and its history, check out my Candle Wax Basics post.

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Can candle wax be reused or recycled?

Pure candle wax can definitely be reused. You can melt it and reform it, but the type of candle you make with re-melted wax depends on the type of wax. Harder waxes are best for pillar candles and soft waxes are best for container candles. 

Reusing wax from scented candles comes with risk because you don't know exactly how that candle was made. Mixing different candle waxes together could cause issues with the burning and formation of your "new" candle.

Making candles can definitely be a fun activity for kids with the right supervision, but I would advise you to buy candle supplies instead, vs melting and reusing wax from your existing candles.

Is candle wax toxic?

You'll find a lot of small candle makers prefer soy wax over paraffin and many of them will say that burning paraffin releases dangerous toxins into the air. That said, no peer reviewed, reputable scientific study has ever shown that candle wax and in particular paraffin, to be a danger to your health.

Soy wax tends to burn cleaner and slower than paraffin, but it's in no way safer than paraffin. 

Here at Clare Makes we use a soy wax blend, which is a natural soy bean and coconut wax, with a plant based, vegan petroleum jelly additive which helps the candle to set smoothly. This wax type ensures that not only does the candle look great brand new, but keeps its aesthetic quality as it burns down.

Will candle wax come out in the wash?

In short, no. You need either heat or frozen temperatures to remove wax from clothes. Stay tuned for a more in depth post about this exact topic.

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Is candle wax safe for pets?

Candle wax is safe for pets, yes, but some fragrances may not be. Scented candles used with specially formulated fragrance oils are safe for pets, but burning pure essential oils in candles can be toxic to your furry friends. When in doubt, ask.

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