The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Burning a Candle - Part 1 - Clare Makes

The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Burning a Candle - Part 1

So  - you think you know everything there is to know about candles? Regardless of how many candles you've burned during lockdown, there are probably a few things you can learn about lighting and caring for your candles.

Here at Clare Makes, I'm a candle expert and am here to show you how to best look after your lit and unlit candles.

candle tips

Not letting your candle reach a full melt pool

Browsing a luxury candle forum recently I was surprised at how many people complained about candle tunnelling from some fairly big brands. The primary cause for candle tunnelling is not letting your candle reach the edges of the glass from the first burn. That's called a melt pool and it's really important, because candles have a memory.

If your candles has tunnelled, check out this post on how to fix it.

Of course, sometimes a candle that's tunnelling is because it hasn't been made well, but other people's candle making processes aren't for me to comment on ;)

candle tips

Not trimming the wick

This one is super important! You should trim your wick before you light a freshly bought candle because often the wick is still too long.

As candle maker, we don't provide candles with super short wicks because it doesn't look as nice on the shelf or in pictures - so you should always trim it.

Trimming the wick reduces smoking, soot and mushrooming. It also reduces the flame height, and it provides for a much safer burning candle.

Find out more about candle care here.

trimming your candle wick

Not placing your candle in a prime spot

Often a massive flame on a candle isn't a result of a poorly constructed candle. If you place your candle near a fan, air conditioning or a slightly open window, the air will have an adverse affect on your candle.

Also, your candle should always be placed on an even surface like a table, away from clutter or things that could interfere with the burn. There should also not be anything touching your candle as the glass can get hot! With two kids, I often have a messy home but I always make sure I clear the space where my candle will be lit.

It can also be tempting to place your candle on top of a pile of books and you'll often see candles photographed this way for aesthetic purposes. It looks great for an instagram post because often these candles are one lit for a minute or less, but books are flammable, sometimes uneven, and not a good spot for a burning candle.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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