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How to Spot a Quality Candle

You don't have to be a candle expert to buy a candle, but knowing what to look for when candle shopping will ensure you won't be disappointed by a badly made candle, a disagreeable scent or a bad burning experience. As an expert candle maker, I've created a handy guide to help you get the best candle for your budget.   What makes a good candle? A Burning Flame  A good quality candle will have a longer burn time than a mass-produced candle. Getting more time out of your candle will provide a much more pleasant burning experience. When you use a candle for longer, not only are you reducing waste by not buying more candles more often, you actually get more bang for your...

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Monique Butterworth on Writing

Monique Butterworth is a journalist, writer, editor, and content creator. With a passion for story-telling and over 30 years’ experience in print and digital media – Monique has certainly seen it all in her quest for a good story. I found Monique about six months ago during my candle rebrand journey. I wanted professional help in writing the descriptions that would eventually go on the candle labels. Monique sat in my backyard with me and my baby and we talked about writing, candles and scents for what felt like ages but probably wasn't that long. She eventually wrote many of the descriptions that you see on the website and candle labels today. I'm eternally thankful for her help, direction and tone...

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Rebecca Pastro on Olga Joan and Sustainable Fashion

Olga Joan is a conscious apparel label designed with purpose, offering collections that revel in the beauty of minimalism and the design of simplicity. It demands a return to quality, integrity in production and transparency from fibre to finish. Olga Joan is owned and run by Rebecca Pastro (my cousin!). I wear her label regularly and her hemp loungewear has been my pandemic go-to when I want to be comfortable at home but might still need to duck out occasionally to run errands. I sat down with her recently to discuss her business and approach to sustainable fashion. Describe Olga Joan in three wordsResponsibleComfortableTimeless It feels like I’ve been wearing your clothes forever, but Olga Joan hasn’t been around for that long....

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Scent Blending

Have you ever thought about mixing and matching different scents or burning two candles at once? Today we're talking about layering scents to create your own unique fragrant experience at home. If you're looking to scent a larger room or create a custom blend to break the monotony of endless lockdowns, we have you covered. There's no right or wrong way to do this because ultimately it comes down to your own preference but we've got a handy how to list that will inspire you to explore the world of home fragrance and have a little fun with your growing candle collection. How To Layer Scents: Choose scents from the same fragrance family, like two florals or two crisp scents....

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