Elevate Your Gift Shop: Stock Clare Makes Reed Diffusers

As a retailer in Australia, you’re always on the lookout for unique, high-quality products to enhance your gift shop's inventory. Reed diffusers are a fantastic addition that provides a constant, low-maintenance fragrance solution for any home or office. Clare Makes, renowned for their Australian-made candles, also offers a premium range of reed diffusers that can elevate your product offerings. Here’s why Clare Makes reed diffusers are the perfect choice for your gift shop.

The Appeal of Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers offer a practical and elegant solution for home fragrance. Unlike candles, they don’t require a flame, making them safer and more convenient for various settings. The continuous, subtle release of fragrance ensures a room always smells fresh without the need for constant attention. This makes reed diffusers a popular choice among customers looking for effortless home fragrance solutions.

Why Choose Clare Makes Reed Diffusers?

Authentic Australian Scents

Clare Makes captures the essence of Australia in each of their reed diffusers. Using native botanicals and locally-inspired scents, they offer a unique olfactory experience that resonates with Australian heritage. From the refreshing notes of eucalyptus and lemon myrtle to the warm, spicy undertones of ginger and pepperberry, these scents bring a piece of Australia into any space.

High-Quality Ingredients

Quality is paramount at Clare Makes. Their reed diffusers are made with premium fragrance oils and natural rattan reeds that ensure a consistent and long-lasting scent diffusion. The use of high-quality ingredients guarantees that the fragrances are true to nature, providing an authentic aromatic experience that your customers will love.

Elegant and Sustainable Packaging

Clare Makes reed diffusers come in sleek, reusable glass bottles that add a touch of elegance to any decor. The minimalist design ensures that the diffusers not only smell great but also look stylish in any room. Additionally, the eco-friendly packaging aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable products, making them an attractive option for environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Benefits for Your Gift Shop

Unique Selling Point

Stocking Clare Makes reed diffusers provides your gift shop with a unique selling point. Their distinct Australian-inspired scents and high-quality craftsmanship set them apart from generic mass-produced alternatives. This uniqueness can attract a niche market of customers looking for exclusive and premium home fragrance products.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Offering high-quality, locally-made products like Clare Makes reed diffusers can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Shoppers appreciate the authenticity, quality, and sustainability of these products, which can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Supporting Local Artisans

By stocking Clare Makes reed diffusers, you support a local Australian business dedicated to celebrating the country’s rich heritage and natural beauty. This not only helps sustain the local economy but also appeals to customers who prefer to support homegrown brands.

How to Market Reed Diffusers in Your Gift Shop

Create an Inviting Display

Set up an inviting display that showcases the reed diffusers' elegant packaging and highlights their unique scents. Use natural elements like wooden trays, native plants, and minimalistic decor to create a cohesive and appealing presentation.

Offer Samples

Allow customers to experience the fragrances firsthand by offering samples. Place a few open reed diffusers around your store to subtly infuse the space with their scents, enticing customers to explore and purchase.

Highlight the Benefits

Educate your customers on the benefits of reed diffusers, such as their safety, convenience, and long-lasting fragrance. Use signage and product descriptions to emphasize the high-quality ingredients and eco-friendly packaging of Clare Makes diffusers.


Incorporating Clare Makes reed diffusers into your gift shop’s inventory is a strategic move that combines quality, sustainability, and local charm. These Australian-made products are sure to captivate your customers and enhance your shop’s reputation. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer these beautiful, high-quality reed diffusers that celebrate the essence of Australia.

For more information or to place an order, apply to become a Clare Makes stockist now.

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