Collection: Seconds & Discontinued Items

Here at Clare Makes, we are committed to reducing waste where possible. We strive to reuse supplier boxes and packaging, and we also don't dispose of discontinued supplies if we are able to make use of them.

In that vein, we sell seconds items at a significant discount. Seconds or sale items are either discontinued scents, products that have discontinued label designs, jar types, or products with a small cosmetic fault such as a slightly damaged label, imperfectly centred wick or scratched glassware.

Clare Makes products are hand made and so while imperfections can form a natural part of the process, seconds items generally have visible flaws. Details such as packaging and label design/placement may be imperfect or inconsistent at time, but generally speaking, this shouldn't have a material impact on the burn time or scent throw.

All sale and seconds products are available in very limited, set quantities and are a great way to try sample a scent at a discount.

Please read the product descriptions carefully prior to purchasing and reach out with any questions.