Australian Trivia Quiz Questions - Part 2 - Clare Makes

Australian Trivia Quiz Questions - Part 2

As Australian candle brand, I love testing my follower's knowledge on Aussie trivia.

In case you missed Part 1, you can find it here. But for Part 2, I levelled it up significantly and made the questions extra hard. If you missed the quiz, you can find the questions and answers below.

The trivia quizzes I post are always Australian-themed and I love picking up facts and tidbits about my home.

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The answers are highlighted in red.

Which of these songs wasn’t released by Savage Garden?
Option A: Two Beds and a Coffee Machine
Option B: Truly Madly Deeply
Option C: The Animal Song
Option D: When You Say You Love Me

Question 2: Who was Australia’s highest paid actor in 2020?
Option A: Nicole Kidman
Option B: Hugh Jackman
Option C: Margot Robbie
Option D: Chris Hemsworth

Question 3: Where was Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan born?
Option A: England
Option B: Denmark
Option C: New Zealand
Option D: South Africa

Question 4: Which Aboriginal woman was Australian of the Year in 1984?
Option A: Germaine Greer
Option B: Yvonne Minton
Option C: Lois O’Donoghue

Option D: Betty Cuthbert

Question 5: Which of these men would not be described as an Aussie larrikin?
Option A: Jacob Elordi
Option B: Warwick Capper
Option C: Bob Hawke
Option D: Paul Hogan

Question 6: At what age was Aboriginal model Samantha Harris discovered?
Option A: 13
Option B: 14
Option C: 15
Option D: 16

Question 7: Which Australian prime minister had the shortest term?
Option A: Chris Watson
Option B: Frank Forde
Option C: Harold Holt
Option D: Kevin Rudd

Question 8: Who is the current editor in chief of Vogue Australia?
Option A: Edwina McCann
Option B: Kirstie Clements
Option C: Jessica Pels
Option D: Jillian Davison

Question 9: What is the real name of the Caramel Koala?
Option A: Billy
Option B: Stephen
Option C: George
Option D: Herbert

Question 10: Which country gave women the vote before Australia?
Option A: Finland
Option B: Poland
Option C: New Zealand
Option D: Denmark

Question 11: Who is Australia’s first indigenous Supreme Court justice?
Option A: Lincoln Crowley
Option B: Susan Kiefel
Option C: Frank Duffy
Option D: Michelle Gordon

Question 12:Which regional town does the band Silverchair hail from?
Option A: Wollongong

Option B: Port Macquarie
Option C: Newcastle
Option D: Byron Bay

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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