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Australian Trivia Quiz Questions - Part 1

Here at Clare Makes, we're all about celebrating everything Australiana, which is why we scent our candles using unique Australian natives. But also, if you follow us on Instagram, you'll know we love Aussie facts and quizzes.

We put some trivia questions up recently and thought I'd put the questions & answers in a blog post for you all in case you missed it.

As always, the quiz is Aussie-themed so it's a great way to brush up on your Australian general knowledge & fun facts.

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The answers are highlighted in red.

Question 1: Who sang about travelling in a "fried-out combie"?
Option A: AC/DC
Option B: Crowded House
Option C: Little River Band
Option D: Men At Work

Question 2: Where was the first Australian Lifesaving Club founded?
Option A: Bondi Beach
Option B: Manly Beach
Option C: St Kilda Beach
Option D: Whitehaven Beach

Question 3: Which famed Australian singer was born Helen Porter Mitchell?
Option A: Tina Arena
Option B: Sia
Option C: Courtney Barnett
Option D: Nellie Melba

Question 4: What is the most dangerous bird in Australia (and the world)?
Option A: Magpie
Option B: Kookaburra
Option C: Penguin
Option D: Cassowary

Question 5: What is the main ingredient in Vegemite?
Option A: Salt
Option B: Sugar
Option C: Yeast
Option D: Actual garbage

Question 6: In "swooping season" what should you be on the lookout for?
Option A: Planes
Option B: Magpies
Option C: Helicopters
Option D: Peter Dutton

Question 7: Who was the first prime minister of Australia?
Option A: Chris Watson
Option B: Andrew Fisher
Option C: Stanley Bruce
Option D: Edmund Barton

Question 8: How many Hemsworth brothers are there?
Option A: 1
Option B: 2
Option C: 3
Option D: 4

Question 9: What is the highest grossing Australian movie?
Option A: Australia
Option B: Crocodile Dundee
Option C: Babe
Option D: Happy Feet

Question 10: Who is the longest serving presenter on Play School?
Option A: Noni Hazlehurst
Option B: Justine Clark
Option C: John Hamblin
Option D: Benita Collings

Question 11: What is Matilda in the Banjo Patterson song Waltzing Matilda?
Option A: Swag
Option B: Sheep
Option C: Kangaroo
Option D: Gum tree

Question 12: What is the national flower of Australia?
Option A: Golden Wattle
Option B: Blue gum
Option C: Banksia
Option D: Waratah

Of course a great way to celebrate Australia is to fragrance your home with the scents of Australia, but if you need even more inspo, check out more Australian trivia questions in Part 2 here.

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