Australian Trivia Quiz Questions - Part 1

As an Australian brand, one thing I love to do on my instagram is a quiz! I put some trivia questions up yesterday and thought I'd put the questions & answers in a blog post for you all in case you missed it.

As always, the quiz is Aussie-themed so it's a great way to brush up on your Australian general knowledge & fun facts.

australian trivia quiz

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The answers are highlighted in red.

Question 1: Who sang about travelling in a "fried-out combie"?
Option A: AC/DC
Option B: Crowded House
Option C: Little River Band
Option D: Men At Work

Question 2: Where was the first Australian Lifesaving Club founded?
Option A: Bondi Beach
Option B: Manly Beach
Option C: St Kilda Beach
Option D: Whitehaven Beach

Question 3: Which famed Australian singer was born Helen Porter Mitchell?
Option A: Tina Arena
Option B: Sia
Option C: Courtney Barnett
Option D: Nellie Melba

Question 4: What is the most dangerous bird in Australia (and the world)?
Option A: Magpie
Option B: Kookaburra
Option C: Penguin
Option D: Cassowary

Question 5: What is the main ingredient in Vegemite?
Option A: Salt
Option B: Sugar
Option C: Yeast
Option D: Actual garbage

Question 6: In "swooping season" what should you be on the lookout for?
Option A: Planes
Option B: Magpies
Option C: Helicopters
Option D: Peter Dutton

Question 7: Who was the first prime minister of Australia?
Option A: Chris Watson
Option B: Andrew Fisher
Option C: Stanley Bruce
Option D: Edmund Barton

Question 8: How many Hemsworth brothers are there?
Option A: 1
Option B: 2
Option C: 3
Option D: 4

Question 9: What is the highest grossing Australian movie?
Option A: Australia
Option B: Crocodile Dundee
Option C: Babe
Option D: Happy Feet

Question 10: Who is the longest serving presenter on Play School?
Option A: Noni Hazlehurst
Option B: Justine Clark
Option C: John Hamblin
Option D: Benita Collings

Question 11: What is Matilda in the Banjo Patterson song Waltzing Matilda?
Option A: Swag
Option B: Sheep
Option C: Kangaroo
Option D: Gum tree

Question 12: What is the national flower of Australia?
Option A: Golden Wattle
Option B: Blue gum
Option C: Banksia
Option D: Waratah

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash



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