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Staying Home with Clare Makes

As I write this post, Sydney is in the middle of it's harshest lockdown yet and where possible, we are all staying at home to curb the spread. For anyone working on the front lines (doctors, contact tracers, delivery drivers, customer service at Woolies!), THANK YOU!

We've received such positive feedback that Clare Makes is helping you stay safe and warming your home. As a small thank you to everyone doing their part, here's a small guide to some staying at home activities that pair perfectly with one of our candles. 

stay home lockdown
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Yoga and Meditation

I feel like 2020 and 2021 have had such a focus on self care and mental health. Personally I've put a lot of work into eliminating anything I can that gives me anxiety (be it people, or specific activities) because mental clarity while in the middle of a pandemic is so important.

I'm a big fan of yoga, especially the sleepy part at the end. The unique floral notes of the Miles candle makes it great to burn to bring back some focus. For a more meditative state, I find the lavender and eucalyptus notes in the Constance candle to be perfect as I'm winding down for the day.

yoga meditation
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Cleaning & Organising

The act of cleaning has a number of health benefits. By exercising, it acts as a stress reliever. Going up and down stairs, moving items to and from different rooms, wiping windows and floors can release endorphins. 

Cleaning can also act as an escape. If you feel as though you can't control your external environment, regaining control of your home by straightening up a room can be a great way to start. If you have trouble with procrastinating like me, the key is to start with small tasks first and take breaks if you need to.

The lemon and ginger notes in the Quong candle are perfect to burn while cleaning, and will help clear your mind.

Remember: You're at home anyway. You might as well make it an organised place to be, but you don't have to do it all at once. 

organised home
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Treat Yourself & Plan Your Future

I'm a big note taker and list maker. I use apps like Notion as well as my Notes app to write my daily, weekly and monthly to do lists and goals. Whether they're work related, travel related or personal shopping lists, I find it helps clear my mind and get me ready and planning.

I keep visual wish lists for my kids on Pinterest so I can share them with interested family around birthdays and Christmas.

When organising all my lists, I like to burn a really comforting candle like Clyde, because the vanilla and kakadu plum helps to put me in the right mood.

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Working From Home

If you're able to work from home during the lockdown, it's a perfect time to get stuck in and cross things off your to do list. I like to bring natural scents in to my WFH space as it takes the scents from the bush into my home and makes me feel less like I'm stuck in front of a computer. 

I find the BanjoDorothea and Ellis candles, with their fresh and floral notes are perfect to burn with light coming in through a window and my colleagues on a Teams call.

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FaceTime Your Friends & Family

I've been known to video call my sister, mum and dad who all live pretty far from me, just on a whim. Sometimes they answer, sometimes they call me back but either way it's great to have a spontaneous call with someone to catch up.

I also regularly schedule video calls with my group of friends who all have kids, just to catch up on how everyone is doing in the lockdown. Often we get side tracked and talk about toilet training and poo explosions, but I do love a meandering conversation that goes for hours.

Particularly with a scheduled call, I like to put on a cosy sweatshirt (anything hemp from Olga Joan is my go-to) and light a floral candle to set the mood. The Louisa is my current favourite for it's velvety boronia perfume and sandalwood base.

FaceTime or zoom
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Take A Bath

When was the last time you used your tub? My kids use it most nights a week but as an adult I'm rarely in there - but a bath is so good for you. Baths promote blood flow and the steam is good for your skin.

I'm personally not a huge fan of scented bath products because I like the purity and health benefits of Epsom salts, but I do like a burning candle while I'm there. Light your favourite candle while you soak in the tub. Reality tv on the iPad is of course, optional.

bath time
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What's your go to lockdown activity? Let me know in the comments below.


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