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Market Must-Haves Part 1: Promo Cards

Markets can be daunting if it's your first one and I know for me, it definitely was. One thing I definitely knew I needed though, were cards. Something tangible that people could take away with them if they weren't going to buy something.

Here are my tips for how to get the right messaging out when designing and printing marketing cards:

candle marketing cards

1. Make sure you have a large image of your product on one side of the cards. It should showcase your product in a real, tangible way. A lifestyle type of photo is best. For me with candles, it was important that the candles were lit so the product was being used in the photo.

2. Include a discount code somewhere in the text. Give people a reason to visit you online when they've stepped away from your market stall.

3. Have your socials stand out. People want to follow you so give them all your usernames. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok - wherever you are, tell them!

4. Ensure the design of the text is well thought out. I hired my usual graphic designer Jessica Ibbett (interviewed here!) to put it together, using my brand guidelines.

5. Don't skimp on the printing. The paper I selected for these cards from Oz Sticker Printing feels really nice when held. It's thick, it's soft and matte, and feel substantial. You don't want prospective customers to think you've skimped on the marketing material!

candle marketing cards

For the printing of these cards, the team at Oz Sticker Printing reached out to me and offered me a discount in exchange for featuring the product in a blog post. Even without the discount, I'll definitely be ordering from them again. Their customer service is great, I'm thrilled with the final product, and shipping was quick.


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