3 Australians in History: A Brief Look at 3 Great Australians - Part 1

With so many great Australians in history, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many inspiring figures, from politicians and pioneers to artists and sports stars; there’s a lot of amazing people to pick from. There are so many great Australians in history, but not all of them are as well-known as others. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t influential figures who have had a lasting impact on our nation—it just means that you might not know much about them yet. We think that’s something worth changing! Here is a brief look at three great Australians in history who have left their mark on this country in some way or another.

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A Brief Look at: Banjo Paterson, Poet and Writer

Banjo Paterson is one of Australia’s most well-known poets, and a great Australian in history. Paterson was born in New South Wales, and went on to attend the University of Sydney. In his time there, he published a number of poems in the university paper. His first collection of poems, ‘’In the Wool Growing’’, was published in 1889. After that, he went on to write many poems, including ‘’The Man from Snowy River’’. This famous poem tells the story of an iconic Australian horse race—the race is held annually in the Snowy Mountains. As well as being a poet and prolific writer, Paterson also worked as a journalist. He wrote many columns for newspapers, and even worked as the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald for a period of time.

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A Brief Look at: Clyde Cornwall Fenton, Founder of the Northern Territory's Flying Doctor Service

Clyde Cornwall Fenton was a doctor in the Northern Territory, and a pioneer of the Flying Doctor Service. Fenton was born in England, but he came to Australia as a child with his parents. He attended the University of Sydney, and graduated as a doctor in 1927. After qualifying, Fenton worked as a doctor in the Northern Territory—a place with very few doctors. In 1928, the first Flying Doctor Service was set up in the Territory, with Fenton as its leader. The Flying Doctor Service is an important medical service that provides medical assistance to people in remote areas of Australia. The service was pioneered by Fenton in the late 1920s, and has been in operation ever since.

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Clyde cornwall Fenton

A Brief Look at: Constance Stone, Australia's First Female Doctor

Constance Stone was one of the first female doctors to practice in Australia, and a great Australian in history. Stone was born in New South Wales, and attended the University of Sydney. She went on to study medicine at the University, and became one of the first female doctors to practice medicine in Australia. Stone practiced medicine in Sydney for a number of years, and was also involved in the women’s rights movement in Australia. Stone was very active in the women’s suffrage movement—she was arrested after she protested outside the New South Wales parliament building in 1911. Stone was married to fellow doctor, Stuart Anderson Stone, and together they had three children.

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This has been a brief look at three great Australians in history. We’ve looked at their lives, achievements, and legacies. These three figures have contributed to our country in their own ways, and they have all made their mark on the nation. If you want to know more about these great Australians in history, we recommend that you do some further reading.

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