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Clare Makes Review Volume 3

Welcome to the Clare Makes Review. Every fortnight, we collate our favourite bits and pieces from the web and beyond to bring you some killer mid-week reading material to enjoy alongside your favourite scented candle.
Clare Makes review volume 3

Here's what's good:

The women building a brand on defending bad men.
It's from 2018, but Kanye West is what happens when people stop reading books.
Once you're done reading it, check out the tiktok.
Megan Markle - are you a fan? The Atlantic has some thoughts.
I love Blair Imani and her latest article on skilled vs unskilled labour is a must-read.
The parents are not ok.
Do you sometimes need a break from your kids too?
Here are some great wall art ideas to get you inspired during lockdown.
Sydney's Northern Beaches: A creative hub. Who knew.
Celebrities and the drinks they made famous.
Here's how you can watch instagram stories anonymously.

From the Making Scents Blog:

Renovating a 100-year-old house
Graphic Design & the Clare Makes Rebrand
How do you get wax out of carpet, anyway?

What we’re eating, listening to, reading and watching this week:


Shopping: The Mister Zimi sale gets me every time. I try not to look but inevitably someone texts me and I'm not responsible for my actions after that.
Planning: I pre-ordered my kids' Christmas outfits from The Lane & Co last week... It's over four months away!
Watching: Coda, on Apple TV, about a girl with a deaf family that wants to sing. I cried watching it. A lot.

Guest: Julie (who won our IG stories competition recently)

Listening: Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial. Great digestible episodes to start the day with.

Eating: Currently obsessed with Beauty Bites. Favourite flavour is the choc cherry coconut - a guilt-free Cherry Ripe.

Watching: The Blacklist. Lockdown means being to finally binge TV shows that have been on my "to watch" list. Would love more recommendations to add to the list!
If you have any articles you've loved recently, drop me a DM on Instagram or comment in the Clare Makes VIP Group. See you in two weeks!
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