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Clare Makes Review Volume 2

Welcome to the Clare Makes Review. Every fortnight, we collate our favourite bits and pieces from the web and beyond to bring you some killer mid-week reading material to enjoy alongside your favourite scented candle.
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 Here's what's good:

Here’s why your perfume doesn’t last as long as it should.
The story behind the ermagherd girl.
Lizzo’s best red carpet moments.
Are you an extrovert in need of a side hustle
Gossip Girl Star Yin Chang on Nelly Yuki & “Reductive” Representation
Is this the most insane house in the world?
This woman quit her job as a nurse to do OF and it's fascinating.
How Lorde cured her internet addiction.
A story about Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and a waitress named Jessica.
The link between happiness and a sense of humour.
What it feels like to get covid after being vaccinated.
Eco-Anxiety and how it might be a positive thing.
The crisis in Afghanistan and what you can do to help.

What we’re eating, listening to, reading and watching this week:

Watching: Cooking with Paris. It's phenomenal tv. She's experiencing a resurgence and I'm here for it. Also I'm obsessed with Kathy Hilton, so...
Wearing: Any and all hemp lounge wear from Olga Joan.
Eating: I had a donut craving at 8am on Sunday morning. Don't judge me.
Guest: Mardi (from our VIP group)
Drinking: Winston Quinn Gin - delicious, gorgeous bottle and made in Australia.
Buying: Royal Doulton gin glasses.
Watching: The Voice - the judges are so lovely and there is some truly amazing talent out there. (Also waiting for the new series of Brooklyn 99 to drop on SBS.)

If you have any articles you've loved recently, drop me a DM on Instagram or comment in the Clare Makes VIP Group.See you in two weeks!

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