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Clare Makes Review Volume 1

Welcome to the Clare Makes Review. Every fortnight, we collate our favourite bits and pieces from the web and beyond to bring you some killer mid-week reading material to enjoy alongside your favourite scented candle.

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Photo by OVAN from Pexels

Volume 1:

Are Ben Affleck and JLo recreating the Jenny From The Block music video?

This visual essay about the importance of photo albums in black communities.

Have you been watching the new Gossip Girl? (You should!) It's star, Jordan Alexander is interviewed by the Cut.

What exactly is a perfect cup of coffee?

The best TikTok's from the 2021/2020 Olympics.

The gymnast who won't let her kids do gymnastics. And for good reason.

The House of Gucci trailer is something else.

My husband's favourite streetwear brand, BAPE, is on it's way out and it's... sad, really.

Dinner party must-haves for when we all finally get out of lockdown.

What we’re eating, listening to, reading and watching this week:


Watching: The Olympics and the rage-inducing Luxe Listings

Drinking: Strange and interesting wines from Winona in Manly

Buying: Puzzles. So many puzzles.

Guest: Christine (from our VIP group)

Watching: Ted Lasso, The Good Fight and anything Marvel

Reading: The Plague Diaries and The Rosie Result

Listening: History things like the Tides of History podcast

If you have any articles you've loved recently, drop me a DM on Instagram or comment in the Clare Makes VIP Group. See you in two weeks!

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