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Free Candles

I'm all about sharing the love and giving back to people who love my candles, so here's how you can get your hands on a free full sized 400g candle:

  1. Take a photo of one of my candles in your home, ensuring the label is clear and distinguishable.
  2. Post it on your Instagram page (not your stories because they expire!) and tag @claremakes.
  3. Alternatively you can post your image to your personal Facebook page, tagging the Clare Makes Facebook page, and send me a screenshot.
  4. If I repost your photo to my Instagram or Facebook page, I'll credit you as the photographer (of course!) and provide you with a one-off personal gift voucher to purchase a new 400g candle for free.

Easy, right?

Be as creative as you want. I'd love to see where you burn your candle, your interior decorating skills, what books or flowers are on your coffee table, or if you're giving a Clare Makes candle away as a gift. What's important to me is seeing my products in context - it gives me the warm fuzzies.

Please make sure you check out my Candle Care page (or the card that comes your initial purchase) to ensure your candle is photographed in line with the safety instructions (not near any curtains, on a flat, stable surface, etc)

A few photography tips:

  • Your crop ratio should ideally be 1:1, 4:5 or 9:16.
  • The best camera is the one you have with you. Learn how to use it & look online for some simple editing tips. Don't go all out on the filters - please!
  • Look up the rule of thirds and compose your photo accordingly.
  • If possible, set up your candle near a window so that you capture all the natural light that comes through. The best times to take photos indoors are early morning and late afternoon when it's sunny, but the light isn't too harsh.

Happy snapping!

A few terms and conditions:

  • Prior to issuing the voucher, I will need to verify that you have not deleted your original post from your Instagram or Facebook page.
  • I will require an original copy of the image, and I reserve the right to repost the image more than once, at my discretion.
  • Just because I request the image from you, doesn't mean I will repost it. I need to subsequently verify that it's a good resolution, is free of watermarks, etc.
  • The gift voucher will only be issued once, at the time of the first repost.
  • The value of the gift voucher will be $40 which is equivalent to 1 (one) 400g candle or 2 (two) 100g candles from my core collection.

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