Henry: The Wattle
Henry: The Wattle
Henry: The Wattle

Henry: The Wattle

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Fresh, floral and green, like a warm September morning when wattle’s tiny clumps of yellow bloom. Both dreamy and nostalgic, wattle flowers blend with the lily’s calming fragrance and the woody, orange-rind aroma of petitgrain.

Scent Notes
australian wattle
petitgrain essential oil


Australian bush poet and short story writer, Henry Lawson was the poet of the people. Writing of life’s hardships in the Australian bush and the plight of the poor in the city, Lawson shows utter pride for his country in the poem ‘The Wattle’.

I wrote for her, I fought for her,
And when at last I lie,
Then who, to wear the wattle, has
A better right than I?

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Customer Reviews

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Fresh and floral!

The Henry candle ticks all the boxes - fresh with just a hint of florals creating the most perfectly blended scent. I loved it straight away, and the candle size is just incredible - plus it has a lid so you can reuse the vessel once it's finished which is awesome.


Beautifully presented candle with a lovely strong scent. Great quality product!

Beautifully Hand crafted

Every detail has been carefully considered, the packaging, branding and the beautiful scent which smells like an Australian Spring day when the Wattle is in bloom.

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